The Blue Alliance (TBA)

FIRST Robotics Competition team information, event results, and videos. Click here for the Blue Alliance page for Team 3492.

Chief Delphi

Forums and discussions created by FRC® teams to talk about the FRC® game and robots. Great for answering any questions you may have.

FRC® 2018 Game Manual

Manual including all rules and regulations for the 2018 game, FIRST® Power-UP, as well as, field drawings and other documents. You can download any as a PDF for future reference.

ScreenSteps Live

The documentation on this site encompasses a number of helpful documents including control system manual and resources to help teams get started on programming a robot.

FRC® Labview Resources

The one-stop web portal for training and support for FRC® LabVIEW and the roboRIO.

PARTs 3492 GitHub Repository

This is where you can look at the code we have created for our robots and other various projects over the years.